Occupational Drivers Licenses

Occupational Driver’s License Lawyer in San Antonio and Bexar County

One option you may have available to you if your license is suspended is an occupational driver’s license (ODL). This type of license is restricted and allows you to travel back and forth to work, attend school or school-related activities and perform necessary household errands. There are circumstances where you may be ineligible for an occupational driver’s license including:

  • You have a commercial driver’s license (CDL)
  • Your license suspension is the result of failure to pay child support
  • You had two prior ODLs issued in the last 10 years due to a license suspension

When Can My License be Suspended in Texas?

Most drivers know if they are stopped in San Antonio for impaired driving, they could be facing a suspension of their driving rights. Additionally, your license can be suspended if you fail to make court-ordered child support payments. There are other possible reasons for a suspension however, including unpaid parking tickets and unpaid moving violation tickets.

Accumulating Driving Record Points in San Antonio

Drivers who accumulate points on their driving record because of traffic violations can also face the temporary loss of their license. Speeding tickets, traffic signal violations, and other moving violations all result in points being assessed by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). Anyone who has seven or more moving violations within a two-year period could face a driver’s license suspension. Therefore, it is important to fight every moving violation and avoid a conviction.

Texas Driver’s License Points

If you are cited for speeding, running a stop sign, making an illegal U-turn or driving without insurance, you need to fight back to avoid accumulating points on your license. Each of these violations could mean two points being assessed to your driving record. These points can add up quickly, particularly if you drive a lot of miles every week.

Moving Violations and Paying Tickets

Keep in mind, if you pay a ticket for a moving violation, including speeding, running a red light, or any other misdemeanor traffic offense, you are pleading guilty to the charge. This means a criminal record showing a misdemeanor offense, points added to your driver’s license, and increased insurance costs. Multiple offenses could also result in your paying a surcharge. All traffic ticket convictions are kept on your record for a period of three years.

Documents Required for an Occupational Drivers License

You will have to supply specific information to DPS to obtain an occupational driver’s license (ODL), but first, the court must issue an order for the ODL. This document must be submitted along with a financial responsibility form, a Certified Abstract of a Driver Record, and Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate (SR-22). We typically recommend working with an attorney who has experience handling these issues since the process is time consuming and mistakes can be made which can result in delays. In some cases, you may be able to drive temporarily using the court order. This is something you should discuss with your attorney.

If you are in the San Antonio area and your license has been suspended, you have the right to request an ODL. You do not have to go through this process alone, and in some cases, doing so could result in your petition being denied.

Contact the our office if you need help applying for an occupational driver’s license to ensure you can continue running essential household errands, getting back and forth to work, and dealing with school, and extracurricular activities. We have experience dealing with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and we can help you through this process.