Texas DPS Surcharges

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) assesses points against drivers who are convicted of traffic violations. Drivers who are cited for speeding, reckless driving, ignoring traffic signals or signs, driving too close to drivers in front of them, etc. may be cited on San Antonio roadways. Drivers who pay these citations without fighting them are pleading guilty, the same result as if a court found you guilty.

Any conviction of a driving offense means points are assessed against your license. As points add up, the potential of increased insurance costs, and license suspension are possible. However, prior to your risk of suspension, you will also be faced with surcharges imposed by DPS.

Point System in Texas

Driver are not always aware of the various citations which could result in points being assessed against their driving record. If you are cited for any of these violations, and subsequently are convicted, or plead guilty by paying the ticket in San Antonio, you will accrue two points on your driving record:

  • Speeding
  • Cited for unsafe lane change
  • Green turn signal violation
  • No passing zone violation
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road
  • Failure to control your vehicle speed
  • Failing to yield right of way

When DPS Surcharges go Into Effect

A first citation to which you plead or are found guilty will not result in a DPS surcharge, providing you are not assessed six points. However, once you have accumulated six points on your driving record, the surcharge will become effective. DPS will charge you $100 when you have accumulated six points on your driving record for traffic tickets. You will pay an additional $25 for each point over six. These surcharges are not one-time fees, they must be paid annually for as long as you have six points showing on your driving record.

Additional DPS Surcharges

There are minor convictions which can result in your being assessed a surcharge for a period of not less than three years including driving with an invalid license. A conviction on your record will result in a surcharge being assessed for three years in the amount of $250. If you had no license at all, the surcharge will be $100 for three years.

While these surcharges seem relatively minor, there are surcharges which can be imposed if you are convicted of a more serious charge. For example, a first-time conviction for a DWI within Texas or outside of Texas can result in your paying a $1,000 surcharge for a period of three years.

Failure to Pay Surcharges

A DPS surcharge must be paid within 30 days of receipt. Should you fail to make this payment, or set up a payment arrangement, your license could be suspended. If your license is suspended, you would be required to pay the surcharge, a reinstatement fee, as well as costs of collection. Additionally, DPS will turn the collection over to an agency which could mean you are required to pay additional fees including installment fees which could mean you owe more.

Working With a San Antonio Ticket Attorney

Drivers who have received a citation for any type of traffic violation should never work on their own to resolve the matter. The risks of losing your license, being required to pay a DPS surcharge, and the increase in costs for insurance is too great. Instead, contact a San Antonio ticket attorney to defend you.

Many people believe working with an attorney to resolve a ticket is too costly. However, if we cannot get your ticket resolved without you being convicted, you pay nothing in fees.