221 Reviews / 4.9 Stars
221 Reviews / 4.9 Stars

Avoid Court

When you hire us, WE go to court so YOU don't have to.

In fact, you never have to leave home. You can hire us online 24/7 even if you MISSED your court date.

Save Money

Just paying the ticket and taking a conviction can cause your insurance to go up by hundreds of dollars per year.

Fighting the ticket can save you $$$


We offer transparent flat-rate pricing (based on the court and number of tickets) with a 100% money back guarantee.

We'll give you a full refund if we can't keep the ticket off your record.


Have you received a traffic ticket in San Antonio?

If you’re like most people we help, you don’t want to hassle with missing work or school to drive to court, pay for parking, wait in line, and plead your case to a judge or prosecutor.

You may think it’s better to just pay the fine directly to the court, but doing so can end up costing you more than you think. According to carinsurance.com, one traffic ticket can increase your insurance premiums by hundreds of dollars per year.

We Can Help With Your San Antonio Traffic Tickets

In the past 5 years, our law firm has successfully handled over 20,000 traffic tickets in San Antonio courts.

Rather than missing a half-day of work or school to plead your case to a judge or prosecutor, you can hire us to handle every aspect of your case including the court appearance. You don't even have to leave home.

The vast majority of our clients hire us online in 60 seconds or less.

Stop worrying about going to court.

We're here to take your stress away and keep the ticket off of your record. Don't hesitate. Get an experienced traffic ticket attorney in your corner today.

Note: if you're one of our personal injury or auto accident clients looking for our main website, click here: San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer Eric Ramos Law, PLLC.

Attorney Eric Ramos

What people are saying

"I had a minor traffic infraction turn into an expensive fine and a second citation for not showing up to court. I called Eric Ramos Law. He and his staff were professional and very helpful. The option to pay online though his website & not have to return to Texas for court was definitely appreciated. He was able to reduce my fine and keep the ticket off my driving record. I highly recommend his services!"

"After receiving letter in mail, I hesitated on going down to courthouse my self but decided to give the Ramos law firm a shot. Very quick and easy to do. Filled out forms online, made my payment and received my notification that my case was resolved by Eric. Thanks again for the quick/easy and convenient way of taking care of a speeding ticket."

"I received a ticket in late June. After contemplating whether or not I wanted to go to court myself, I decided against it and hired Eric Ramos. That was the best decision I made! I submitted my information to Mr. Ramos online and within 3 business days he had the ticket handled and everything was taken care of. He answered all of my emails quickly and took care of it much better than I would have. Thanks Eric!"

"Took care of a traffic ticket.

The office personnel is friendly and had no issues answering any questions.

Def recommend."

"Such an easy process with then I had to deal with a traffic ticket however I am out in Dallas. Had a call many different places and they were the only ones that were able to help me out. Thank you very much and keep up the hard work…"

"With my busy schedule, I had no way of taking off work to handle visiting the courthouse and missing half a day to handle my ticket. Eric Ramos Law took the time to quickly settle my problem. It was quick, efficient and well worth the small fee."

"I highly recommend that you use the Eric Ramos Law firm if you have received a traffic ticket. The entire process was incredibly easy and consisted of one quick trip to his website. A few days later my ticket was settled and I do not have to worry about my insurance rates going up. Very worth your time!"

How it Works
  1. Fill out our traffic ticket form and submit payment here.

  2. We'll immediately notify the court that we're representing you and request a new court date.

  3. Your ticket will be in a holding phase once the court processes our notice of representation.

  4. Once the court assigns a new court date, the attorney will go to court to keep the ticket off of your driving record and get any fines/court costs REDUCED or DISMISSED.

  5. Once we finish up in court, we'll send you the paperwork to confirm that your ticket has been resolved and let you know about any remaining fines or court costs to be paid directly to the court.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Eric Ramos Law, PLLC
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Phone: (210) 967-6500
© 2023 Eric Ramos Law, PLLC. All rights reserved.