221 Reviews / 4.9 Stars
221 Reviews / 4.9 Stars
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Getting a speeding ticket on San Antonio roadways is frustrating. Knowing you will have to take time off from work to fight the ticket is also frustrating, and you know it will cost you money and time. However, failing to defend against a speeding ticket in San Antonio could cost more than taking a day off work. An experienced speeding ticket lawyer can fight to keep the ticket off of your driving record.

San Antonio Speeding Ticket Costs

There are hard costs and soft costs associated with a San Antonio speeding ticket. First, you could face a fine of hundreds of dollars. You should also be aware if you simply pay the fine, you will be pleading guilty which means you will also have a class C misdemeanor conviction on your driving record. This could have a serious impact on your insurance costs and could eventually affect your ability to keep your license. This is because a conviction for speeding will result in two points being added to your driving record. When you accrue enough points, Texas DPS will add surcharges onto your license.

This is why it is imperative to contact a San Antonio attorney with experience dealing with speeding tickets.

What Happens if You Just Pay the Fine?

Many people are unaware that paying a traffic ticket fine without fighting it in court is an automatic guilty plea. This is why it is never recommended you pay a citation without fighting the charge you are facing. Remember, pleading guilty means a criminal record, fines, and a ding on your driving record for as long as the citation remains on your record.

We Can Negotiate Speeding Ticket Penalty

When we handle speeding tickets for our clients, we negotiate the penalty with the judge or prosecutor. In most cases, we can fight the charge without you ever having to appear in court. Should the matter ultimately wind up in court, an attorney will be there to defend you against speeding charges.

Texas Speeding Ticket Defenses

One of the reasons many drivers fail to fight back against speeding tickets if they feel there is no valid defense. However, this is not true. Here are some of the possible defenses against a ticket:

  • Wrong vehicle cited – unless a law enforcement officer has a photo of your vehicle with the license plate, it is possible they have identified the wrong driver to cite for speeding. This is a possible defense against a speeding ticket.

  • Defective equipment used — radar guns are not always accurate. You could be facing a citation for going five miles over the speed limit simply because the radar gun was calibrated inaccurately, was defective, or because it was being used incorrectly.

  • Safety or emergency — in emergency situations, such as you are taking someone to the hospital, your children are home and facing an emergency, etc. you may be able to fight the ticket for emergency reasons. Another possible defense is your own safety — if a driver in your lane is driving erratically, you may have to speed up to get out of their way.

Working with a San Antonio Speeding Ticket Lawyer

One of the concerns many drivers have is the cost of hiring a lawyer. After all, if you hire an attorney and you still get convicted the added expense is challenging. This is why you should contact the Law Office of Eric Ramos PLLC because if we cannot challenge your ticket and help you avoid a conviction, we will refund your fee. Contact us immediately if you receive a speeding citation — even if you have missed your court date and may have an outstanding warrant, we may be able to help.


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"I had a minor traffic infraction turn into an expensive fine and a second citation for not showing up to court. I called Eric Ramos Law. He and his staff were professional and very helpful. The option to pay online though his website & not have to return to Texas for court was definitely appreciated. He was able to reduce my fine and keep the ticket off my driving record. I highly recommend his services!"

"After receiving letter in mail, I hesitated on going down to courthouse my self but decided to give the Ramos law firm a shot. Very quick and easy to do. Filled out forms online, made my payment and received my notification that my case was resolved by Eric. Thanks again for the quick/easy and convenient way of taking care of a speeding ticket."

"I received a ticket in late June. After contemplating whether or not I wanted to go to court myself, I decided against it and hired Eric Ramos. That was the best decision I made! I submitted my information to Mr. Ramos online and within 3 business days he had the ticket handled and everything was taken care of. He answered all of my emails quickly and took care of it much better than I would have. Thanks Eric!"

"Took care of a traffic ticket.

The office personnel is friendly and had no issues answering any questions.

Def recommend."

"Such an easy process with then I had to deal with a traffic ticket however I am out in Dallas. Had a call many different places and they were the only ones that were able to help me out. Thank you very much and keep up the hard work…"

"With my busy schedule, I had no way of taking off work to handle visiting the courthouse and missing half a day to handle my ticket. Eric Ramos Law took the time to quickly settle my problem. It was quick, efficient and well worth the small fee."

"I highly recommend that you use the Eric Ramos Law firm if you have received a traffic ticket. The entire process was incredibly easy and consisted of one quick trip to his website. A few days later my ticket was settled and I do not have to worry about my insurance rates going up. Very worth your time!"

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